Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Lava Rock Essential Oils Necklace

Item Description

A very unique necklace! Matte-finished Amethyst rounds with three large rose quartz carved flower beads, with lava rock beads to use with your favorite essential oils... a beautiful necklace on its own!

Adjustable from about 15" to about 18". I can add an extra 3-inch extender for no charge, just ask!


For use with essential oils:

Place a drop of your favorite oil on a lava rock. Rub in gently. It's best to do this over a piece of paper towel, in case you have some oil run off.

For a blend of scents, you can use different oil in each lava rock bead.

Avoid wearing your necklace too low, depending on the neckline of your top--essential oils will stain your clothes.

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